Safe Deposit Boxes

Have the peace of mind and security of protecting your valuables and important documents in a safe deposit box at Bayview Credit Union.

Boxes are available in various sizes and the annual fee is debited automatically from your account each year. It’s simple and secure.

All our branches have a discrete area setup for private use to view the contents of your safe deposit box.

Annual Fees (collected in January of each year):

•Small (1½” x 5”): $40
•Medium (2½” x 5”): $50
•Large (5” x 5”): $60
•Extra Large (5” x 10”): $80
•Specialty #1 (10” x 10”): $135
•Specialty #2 (10” x 16”): $165

Availability may vary depending on branch. Please call or visit your branch to determine availability.