Planning and Advice

See what our focused approach can do for you. No obligation, no strings. Just sound advice from our financial professionals who are focused on you and your needs.

Your Personal Financial Advice

Your personal and family life can get hectic at times, don’t let your finances follow suit. Select from one of the Life Events to learn more about planning ahead for your financial success.

Your Estate and Executor Advice
Through a partnership with Concentra Trust, Bayview is able to offer you access to many valuable services and helpful information on:

  • corporate executors
  • power of attorney or property guardians
  • trustees for living and testamentary trusts
  • agents for executor, power of attorney/property guardian or trustee

Your Business Financial Advice

Your business relies on strong financial guidance and support to run smoothly. Click on a business topics to learn more about planning and managing your business finances.

Fundy Funeral Home

Funeral Pre-planning- Fundy Funeral Preplanning Services counselors have provided advice and guidance to many of your family members, friends and neighbors over the years. See what help they can offer you and your family.