Bill Payments

At Bayview Credit Union our members can remit payments to many different companies including, but not limited to, utility companies, credit cards, select universities/insurance companies, etc. Bill payments can be made either electronically (online / mobile  or telephone banking) or in-branch.

Bill payments are remitted once, daily (Monday to Friday, excluding holidays) around 3:30pm and are final once sent.  Payments made after 3:30pm, on weekends or holidays are remitted the next business day.  Payments are generally posted to your billing account in 3-5 business days.

Did you make a mistake paying a bill?  Contact us to see if we can reverse or recall your payment. Same day reversals (prior to 3pm) are no charge.  Recall requests are $10 and are on a best-effort basis.  Recalls requests are submitted to the billing company to return funds.